"Ikigai symbolises the realisation of hopes and expectations.
Ikigai Fundraising Consultancy enables authentic fundraising for causes that create lasting and positive change".

 Founder, Angela Janse van Rensburg

Ikigai Fundraising Consultancy takes a donor-centric approach to ensuring your organisation recruits a supporter base with integrity, passion and sustainability. Founder, Angela Janse van Rensburg, has years of experience developing highly successful fundraising programmes that not only generate a high return on investment, but that also engage supporters to really be and feel an active part of your cause and organisation.

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About Ange

Fundraising Consultant and Project Manager

Having spent the last nine years fundraising for one of the world’s largest environmental campaigning organisations, I have now started independent contracting in order to benefit more organisations with the strategic and technical skills I have built.

This, coupled with my business acumen developed in sales and customer service oriented roles over the last 20 years, has given me a very unique perspective and ability to understand what it takes to create a supporter base for not-for-profit organisations, which is based upon authenticity, professionalism and empathy.

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Recruit new supporters who identify with the values of your organisation and help ensure a stable and reliable source of income.

Improve the results of your existing fundraising programmes through analysis and the identification of new opportunities to maximise your efforts.

Identify key stages in your supporter journey, different types of supporters and the key messaging needed to engage and motivate each segment.